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Marine Corp Fitness Training
Meet Our Staff

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This is our opportunity to introduce you to our staff. Our staff is an important part of the success of our business.

South Beach, Miami - Labor Day Weekend


kendo has been with us for fourteen years and is still going strong. He is a four time light heavyweight marine corp kickboxing champion and is presently the strength and conditioning trainer for the Baruch College Bearcat basketball team.  He also participates in 100 mile bike tours, fund raising running races for Muscular Distrophy, the United Way, and numerous duathlons across the country when he isn't spending his time behind the desk.

Hot Bodies for Hot Trainers

Our Trainers are the best in the business
Marine Corp Trainers at Miami Beach

These trainers are the best of the best, as illustrated in this photo.  They train for competitions, kickboxing tournaments, bodybuilding and fitness competitions and bikathon/duathlons all year round.  Pound for pound, they are the best assembled fitness team in the tri-state area and they will challenge any fitness team in any fitness competition anywhere, anytime and on any condition.  They will whip the competition's ass.

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